Hear from Dancing Classrooms students, Teaching Artists, families, alumni, and school partners

About cultivating joy and connection through our renowned
social dance programs post-pandemic

Hear from our Students and Families:

Student Spotlight: Meet GRACE

“I have to be honest that before these classes, I was not a fan of dance – unlike now. Dance is a fantastic activity and art for me and every child as they grow, with never ending benefits to their minds and bodies on their way to adulthood.”
– Sead, 5th Grade Student at PS 174 in Queens

“We’re not only learning the dances, but also learning the history, and how they originated. Ms. Eva, our dance teacher, teaches us many things for us to take away and use in our daily lives. We’re learning etiquette, facts, and respect. I enjoy dancing because it’s fun, and I get to do it with all of my friends!”
– Persephone, 5th Grade Student at PS 1 in Manhattan

Student Spotlight: Meet ZYA

“I really enjoyed the virtual dance lessons, especially learning different dances from around the worldI found that I liked the mix of live check in’s and pre-recorded videos. I don’t usually love dancing in front of people, but it was really nice to check in and actually be able to have a conversation with someone.”
5th Grade Student at PS 154 in Brooklyn

“I have learned about safe space. Mr. Felix did mention humor and joy during dancing is a great way to dance to enjoy it.
– 3rd Grade Student at PS 95 in the Bronx

“Right now this is the seventh lesson ballroom dancing… it helped me face my fears and I learned that it’s okay to be scared because it can happen once in a while. I also learned that it’s not nice to judge people. It doesn’t matter… as long as you are kind!”
– Sarina, 3rd Grade Student at PS 175 in Queens

What Schools Have to Say:

PS 205Q and Principal Karen Scott-Piazza

Kalitchi Figueroa, Arts Education Liaison at PS 48M

“I think with everything happening in our world today, addressing KINDNESS and ACCEPTANCE OF DIFFERENCES through dancing should continue. Mr. Felix has covered both.”
– Teacher, PS 122Q

“PS 48 has proudly maintained a successful arts partnership with Dancing Classrooms for 20 consecutive years. I can’t thank you enough for bringing us joy, rhythm, music and dance, especially during these challenging times.
– Camilo Mejia, Principal, PS 48 M

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What Alumni Have to Say:

Academy Alum Carol Alvarez

Teaching Artist and Alum Jacob Licona

“…without it I probably never would have gotten into dance. I’ve been able to learn so many cool new skills, and I’m grateful to be with so many cool people.”
Kate, Dancing Classrooms Academy Alum

“I found it fascinating to experience how dance could be the meeting point for individuals, cultures, and various styles of music. Ultimately, the power of dance lies in the opportunity for connection that it provides, both with others, and with oneself.”
– Camila, Dancing Classrooms Academy Alum