All residencies are grounded in our core values of connection, inclusion, and joy.

During a Dancing Classrooms residency our Teaching Artists create environments and model behaviors that offer young people a place to thrive and engage in the joy, discipline and teamwork of social dance and support their students’ well-being so they’re ready to learn, grow and thrive.

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Social Ballroom Residency

Principals, teachers and parents have praised our program for developing important skills and behaviors in their students, including respect, teamwork, confidence, and self-awareness.

During its 10-week, 20-session residencies, the Dancing Classrooms Social Ballroom program transforms young people with a concentration in the areas of maturity, self-reliance, and creative expression.

The Dances

Through creative, carefully scaffolded lessons students learn the techniques, origins and language of various iconic styles of social dance.

These accessible dances allow all students to be successful regardless of experience or skill level, while participating in much-needed physical activity.

  • Merengue
  • Fox Trot
  • Swing
  • Salsa
  • Rumba
  • Tango
  • Waltz
  • Line-Dance
The Core Residency program is for elementary and junior high students, and takes place as part of the school day.
Student-Centered Learning

With 20 full-length class sessions meeting two times a week during the school day, where Teaching Artists model collaboration and partnership alongside classroom teachers.

Additional Support and Direct Coordination With Classroom Teachers

Provided via an orientation meeting and Program Manager check-ins.

Includes Customized Curricular Connection Assignments

(e.g. writing prompts, research activities, etc.) To reinforce academic skills and core subject areas.

Connects to Life-Long Learning

Each residency includes the viewing of videos from social dance pioneers and practitioners from all over the world, plus a “Buddy Visit” from a ballroom dancer, demonstrating the joy of dance in their daily lives.

Adaptable to your students’ and classroom needs

This program works in a variety of classroom settings, including ICT, Self-Contained, and District 75 classrooms, using specific “translations” for students with disabilities or specialized learning needs.

Culminates in a showcase for all participating classes, where every student performs

The highlight of our residencies, when the school community and families celebrate the social development of their students and enjoy an elegant dance performance as well.

Time and again, parents are amazed and touched by the changes they see in their children because of Dancing Classrooms.

Through standards-based residencies, we use the vocabulary of social dance to
cultivate joy, build connections, and celebrate community.
The maturity necessary to dance together fosters respect, teamwork, confidence and a sense of joy and accomplishment, which we hope to bring to every child.
Our renowned program offers:

  • Regular Physical and Creative Activity
  • Social Emotional Learning and Skills Development
  • The Cultivation of Strong Self-Confidence
  • Fostering Respect of Self and Others
  • Cross-Curriculum Learning and Concepts