For over 26 years Dancing Classrooms has partnered with schools and community-based organizations to cultivate essential life skills in children through the joyful art and practice of social dance. To date we have served over 600,000 young people worldwide. Our vision is schools and communities where every child is connected, respected and given an environment in which to thrive.


Hear from Dancing Classrooms staff, Teaching Artists, and school partners about cultivating joy and connection through our renowned social dance programs in a year like no other.


Dancing Classrooms works. Research proves it. Our proprietary program develops the best of what academics call Social Emotional Learning or SEL, life skills like motivation, grit, connection and listening that help us relate, interact and advance as respectful, empathetic human beings in a coarsening world. Year after year, school principals, teachers and families have witnessed the elevated self-esteem, shared experience and engagement of each Dancing Classrooms student that propels enhanced performance in- and out-of-school in the semesters that follow. Even in a virtual and socially-distanced world, we’ve heard time again that our program results in better student performance and engagement in the classroom and beyond.


Who first unlocked the surprising but brilliant insight that ballroom dance could affect children’s potential and outcomes? That visionary was our founder, Pierre Dulaine, who knew what it meant to be an awkward, lonely young man. The emotional and physical discipline of dance reshaped his life and catapulted him to the galaxy of the international dance world. Pierre never forgot where he came from and in 1994, he constructed the brilliant, multi-dimensional curriculum that has fueled 25 years of Dancing Classrooms’ success. His vision has been enlarged though the daily work of the teaching artists who are trained in the Dulaine Method and who use his beautifully scaffolded curriculum to continue to change young lives, alongside school teachers and staff.



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