Bring Dancing Classrooms to Your School

Thank you for your interest in bringing Dancing Classrooms to a school in New York City! Our program cultivates essential life skills in children through the art of social dance and helps build the foundation for a lifetime of character and leadership.

Who we work with

  • We work with 5th & 8th grade students, however, exceptions have been made for Spring semester 4th grade students.
  • No pre-requisites or previous dance experience needed. All children are included; lessons are taught in English. Teachers are encouraged to participate.

Space Needs

  • A clean, well-lit space with optimum dimensions of 30’x40′ cleared of all desks, chairs and objects. A gym or auditorium stage is ideal. The space should be quiet, contained and away from foot traffic.
  • It is best if the floor is hard wood or masonite/linoleum; no carpeting. A boom box with speakers sufficient to fill the space and an electrical outlet are required. An extension cord may be necessary.

An invitation to participate in our annual Colors of the Rainbow Team Match is extended.